A dog trusts in your ability to alleviate discomfort so much

GE has set aside about $400 million, though it conceded it is «difficult to assess» future losses here.Related: Are GE’s days on the Dow numbered?Furious shareholders: Angry shareholders have sued GE at least five times since late last year. Some of the suits name former CEO Jeff Immelt and his successor, John Flannery, alleging they «made false and misleading statements» about GE’s expected financial performance.Three of the lawsuits have been consolidated into a single action.Immelt and Flannery were also named in a GE shareholder lawsuit filed on February 15 alleging «breaches of fiduciary duties and unjust enrichment.» Among other issues, this lawsuit slams GE for allowing Immelt to be escorted around the world by a spare plane. (GE has said it stopped deploying an extra jet for Immelt in 2014.)»The company will defend itself against these claims,» a GE spokesperson told CNNMoney.Expanded SEC probe: The Boston office of the SEC notified GE in late November of an investigation into the company’s accounting, according to filings.

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