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The Mail Online has come under fire in the Guardian’s Roy Greenslade column for seemingly being in partnership with the Chinese communist partys news outlet.A header appears above numerous stories dating back as far as 5 March 2015 stating: This story was produced in partnership with The Peoples Daily — people.cn.Greenslade asked the question: «So how did the partnership between a capitalist media group renowned for its advocacy of press freedom and a newspaper in a communist country renowned for censorship come about?»He dubbed the partnership as a «propaganda coup for China». Similarly, the Peoples Daily is sharing the Mail Onlines most reticent content.That’s a replicat! Talking parrot masters a perfect meow and leaves three cats utterly baffled (via Mail Online)https://t.co/1zNTj6LlJk People’s Daily,China (@PDChina) August 10, 2016The news emerges as China seemingly cracks down on its on independent news outlets.The Mail Online’s seemingly new found partnership could arguably blunten its attacks repeated critiques of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn who also follows socialist values.The Drum has reached out to the Daily Mail for comment on the partnership and more information.This article is about: World, Daily Mail, People’s Daily Of China, Digital, Media kerftabak.nl , Media, BrandSource: The Guardian

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