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Gloomy Italians vote in election crucial for euro zone

Canada Goose Parka ROME (Reuters) Italy voted on Sunday in one of the most unpredictable elections in years, with many voters expressing rage against a discredited elite and doubt that a government will emerge strong enough to combat a severe economic crisis.

A man with a Guy Fawkes mask is seen amongst a crowd at a rally led by Five Star Movement leader and comedian Beppe Grillo in Rome Canada Goose Outlet February 22, 2013. REUTERS/Max Rossi

buy canada goose jacket cheap am pessimistic. Nothing will change, said Luciana Li Mandri, 37, as she cast a ballot in the Sicilian capital Palermo on the first of two days of voting that continues on Monday.

buy canada goose jacket usual thieves will be cheap canada goose uk in government.

Her gloom reflected the mood across Italy, where many voters said they thought the new administration canada goose would not last long, canadian goose jacket just the opposite of what Italy needs to combat the longest slump in 20 years, mounting uk canada goose outlet unemployment and a huge public debt.

The election is being closely watched by canada goose uk outlet investors whose memories are fresh of a debt crisis which forced out scandal plagued conservative premier Silvio Berlusconi 15 months ago and saw him replaced by economics professor Mario Monti.

Canada Goose online not confident that the government that emerges from the election will be able to solve any of our problems, said Attilio Bianchetti, a 55 year old building tradesman in Milan.

canada goose clearance Underlining his disilluion with the established parties, he voted for the 5 Star Movement of comic Beppe Grillo.

canada goose clearance sale An iconclastic, 64 year old Genoese, Grillo has screamed himself hoarse with obscenity laced attacks on politicians that have channelled the anger of lamisil cream. Italians, especially a frustrated young generation hit by record unemployment.

the only real new canada goose clearance element in a political landscape where we been seeing the canada goose store same faces for too long, said Vincenzo Cannizzaro, 48, in canada goose clearance sale Palermo.

cheap Canada Goose Opinion polls give the centre cheap canada goose left coalition of Pier Luigi Bersani a narrow lead Canada Goose online but the result has been thrown open by the prospect of a huge Canada Goose Online protest vote against Monti painful austerity measures and rage at a wave of corruption scandals.

canada goose coats on sale A weak government could usher in new instability in the euro zone third largest economy and cause another crisis of confidence in the European Union single currency.

canada goose deals Television tycoon Berlusconi, showing off unrivalled media skills and displaying extraordinary energy for a man of 76, has increased cheap Canada Goose uncertainty over the past couple of months by halving the gap between his centre right and Bersani.

am pessimistic. canada goose coats There is such political fragmentation that we will again have the problem of canada goose black friday sale ungovernability said Marta, a lawyer voting buy canada goose jacket cheap in Rome who did not want to give her family name. fear the new government won last long.

canada goose black friday sale Another Roman voter, lab technician Manila Luce, 34, said: am voting Grillo and I hope a lot of people do. Because it the only way to show how sick to canada goose coats on sale the back teeth we are with the old parties. (1400 GMT) on Monday. Full official results are expected by early Tuesday.

Canada Goose sale Snow in the north was expected to last into Monday and could discourage some of the buy canada goose jacket 47 million eligible voters.

TOPLESS FEMINISTS Several bare breasted women protested against Berlusconi when he voted in Milan. They were bundled away by police.

The four time premier, known for off colour jokes and a constant target of feminists, is on trial for having sex with an underage prostitute during bunga parties at his villa.

canada goose Most experts expect a coalition between Bersani and Canada Goose Coats On Sale Monti to form the next administration, but whatever government emerges will have to try to reverse years of failure to revitalise one of the most sluggish economies in the developed world.

The widespread despair over the state of the country, where a series of corruption scandals has highlighted the stark divide between a privileged political elite canada goose uk shop and millions of ordinary Italians struggling to make ends meet, has left deep scars.

our fault, Italian citizens. It our closed mentality. We just not Europeans, said voter Li Mandri in Palermo.

canada goose store all about getting favours when we study, getting a protected job when we work, she said. the way we are and we can only be represented by people like that as well.

ECONOMIC AGENDA Even if Bersani wins as expected, Analysts are divided over whether he will be able to uk canada goose form a stable majority that can force through sweeping economic reforms.

Canada Goose Outlet His centre left is expected to have firm control of the lower house, thanks to rules that give a strong majority to whichever party wins the most votes nationally.

Canada Goose Jackets But a much closer battle will be fought for the Senate which is elected on a regional basis and which has equal law making powers to the chamber.

Berlusconi has clawed back suppport by promising to repeal Monti hated new housing tax, the IMU, and to refund the money. He relentlessly attacked what Canada Goose sale he called the policies of the former European Union commissioner.

canadian goose jacket Think tank consultant Mario, 60, said on his way to vote in Bologna that Bersani Democratic Party was the only group serious enough to repair the economy: not perfect, he said. they got the organisation and the union backing that will Canada Goose Jackets help them Canada Goose Parka push canada goose factory sale through structural reforms.

Despite Berlusconi success, Grillo has tapped into the same public frustration as the conservative tycoon and pollsters say his 5 Star Movement of political novices could overtake the centre right to take second canada goose uk black friday place in the vote.

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