Critics say the return of capital to shareholders is a boon for

When I was in training, I was paid $0.24 for every mile the truck moved, regardless of whether I or my trainer was driving. Mileage, I believe it called. How team drivers get paid normally. There are really no songs that would cater to that crowd on Testing. I find it kind of hard to imagine that the same mainstream crowd that make songs like Gods Plan blow up would really bump songs like OG Beeper or A$AP Forever, maybe Praise Da Lord if it had the right kind of exposure and hype. Still, 74k is pretty low, I would have thought he would have hit 100, I thoroughly enjoyed Testing and am I little surprised that so many people didn But the Pusha and Drake fiasco really shoved him under the rug, and his 3 year detour to do all is artsy fashion shit really kind of killed his hype outside of hip hop circles, but again, he wouldn have done it if thats not what he wanted out of his career.

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