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discount moncler outlet Fake it you make it! Seriously! You don need to be an expert moncler sale online at something to moncler outlet store pretend that you are. Think about it: every place you ever worked there has been that one huge fuck up that was written off years ago as too lazy or too stupid to be reasoned with. That could be you! You moncler outlet sale only have cheap moncler sale to convince an HR director or generalist or moncler uk outlet whomever is there that day that you know what you doing, so concentrate on that. Spend the bulk of your interview asking the person doing the interviewing to share their experiences and KEEP THEM TALKING! Be mindful how much you reveal about yourself, be ultra enthusiastic moncler outlet to hear about them. After you been hired, do the same thing with everybody and anybody for your first 90 days. After that, fuck uk moncler sale it. Kick back. Steal shit like garbage bags so you don have to buy that yourself. Call off sick on cheap moncler jackets mens Mondays and Fridays. And when they start moncler sale to catch on, hurt yourself. Slip on something or trip over something and fucking dive head first into the floor. Don even attempt to brace yourself. Go to a clinic, bring your supervisor something that says you been injured, and proceed to moncler usa milk that for however long. While this is happening, act tough. Try to cheap moncler jackets womens do stuff that the doctor said you shouldn be doing. If the doctor says you shouldn lift anything over 10lbs, routinely offer to do so. Management moncler outlet woodbury will think you alright. They refer to you as a team player. They forget about the shit work you done in the past. until the next time. If your employer is like most, you get an annual raise and extra vacation time after a while. So by continuing this, you basically end up granting yourself tenure. After a few years you be Cheap Moncler Jackets pulling 3 4 weeks vacation, a moncler online store week sick time, and they won touch you because it can be seen as retaliation for you being hurt on the job, or because it would cost too much on paper moncler outlet online to hire someone to do the job you supposed to be discount moncler jackets doing (but purposely haven been doing), or because Obama has extended unemployment for 99 weeks and that adds to the cost of firing you discount moncler outlet.

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