Eovaldi came back strong but he a power guy

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I iterate this again but Vlad Jr. has not played a single game of MLB ball. That is extremely speculative talk. Regarding your comparisons, you justifying your claims with simplistic comparisons.

First, Basketball is not the same as baseball regarding prospects, hype and living up to expectations. For every 1 of 100 Basketball Prospects that canada goose outlet sale lives up to the expectations their are 10x as many who fail to pan out in baseball. Their are countless factors that play a part in why this happens, but depth of the prospecting system is a big one. I not saying he will end up being a failed prospect, I am a Jays fan and live in Toronto. I want him to do well but hitting.350 in the majors is a lot different from minor league ball, the trajectory is down long term.

Don use an Ohtani reference either, that has no relevance or relation to what Vlad cards are or could be. Ohtani had canada goose outlet eu international interest from a baseball crazed japan with affluent investors. He is/was also attempting a feat which has not been truly tested since canada goose outlet online store review Ruth early days, and at an elite level. There is no justification for those prices, but FOMO takes control of people (Fear of Missing Out modern Babe Ruth), Affluent international collectors/investors get involved and fluff pieces are issued at every corner. makes for a perfect storm.

Canada Goose Parka My suggestion is canada goose outlet locations in toronto read up on some economics canada goose outlet las vegas and do thorough research. Some of the facts you have are credible and good predictors, but their are many more factors that influence price than those listed. Don put on blinders, temper expectations. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats Comparing Vlad as a prospect status by no way canada goose outlet online compares the sports. canada goose outlet website legit We are talking about cards here. Mark Mcgwire canada goose outlet germany Sammy Sosa Barry Bonds etc. Once you achieve the status that majority who are close to the game believe Vlad will, canada goose outlet uk fake it doesn matter canada goose kensington parka uk where you are born. canada goose coats

canada goose black friday sale It is not my speculation. It Baseball America http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com canada goose outlet london MLB Top 100 Bleacher Report and every other publication who has him listed as 1 and has concluded he has skills that have not been found at canada goose outlet boston his age. canada goose black friday sale

As I canada goose outlet paypal mentioned before, nothing is garunteed. I suppose there were many Lebron doubters who did not buy into it and are sick over it. That is why we all have the free will to canada goose outlet real invest as we please. Many collectors have learned the hard way via experience and have been in the game long canada goose jacket outlet store enough to understand that there canada goose outlet montreal are patterns that can be ignored. There are also those who choose to burry their heads in the sand and look at everything half empty.

I am free to observe as I wish. Who are you? The Dr. Phil of Baseball cards?

canada goose coats on sale PenguinsandPiratesPC Devers, Vlad Jr., Pardinho, Benny, Baz canada goose coats on sale

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canada goose clearance You taking this too personally and completely ignoring points that I have been making. Not to mention throwing in random things that have nothing to do with any points noted on before. I told you in an earlier comment: you do you. Just don justify to me why you correct if you choose to do so. canada goose clearance

canada goose store Take a breather and think it canada goose outlet ontario out calmly another time. canada goose store

canadian goose jacket As canada goose jacket outlet sale to your comment about the Dr. Phil of baseball, no I do not, that is very uncalled for. I have received a degree in economics/accounting, work in the finance sector and have official canada goose outlet been (thankfully) successful at investing over the number of years I have been doing so. I was trying to impart some wisdom canada goose clothing uk but it has fallen short. I do not consider myself bigger or smarter than anyone, I learned everything I know by being humble and taking lessons from canada goose outlet in chicago those canada goose outlet washington dc who been through failures and success. I utilize the wisdom I gain from them and would hope I can help others like they did for me, you will obviously not be one of canada goose stockists uk those people. canadian goose jacket

If I am wrong, so be it, it will serve as a good learning experience and I will apologize profusely. Feel free to canada goose outlet woodbury contact me in 6 8 years about the pricing of the Vlad I still be on this Sub (as long as this is not shut down).

cheap Canada Goose Absolutely. Cobb and especially Matty Mo got their careers WRECKED by TJS. There is a none 0 chance Honey (and Jose de Leon), who a feel pitcher, loses the feel for the kitchen sink repertoire he has and becomes an average (Cobb) at best, unplayable (Matty) at worst. Eovaldi came back strong but he a power guy, diff set of skills. cheap Canada Goose

Canada Goose sale McKay best case scenario is Ohtani with lesser stuff on the mound and more OBP at the plate (but less power). Reports are that the Rays prefer him as a 1B and if he plays there, then he be a bullpen arm at best. Agree on canada goose outlet usa this one too. We don know what McKay is. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online Liberatore is upside but is so far away there is really no reason to even think of him right now. canada goose outlet location He Franco time, not Adames time. Canada Goose online

buy canada goose jacket Baz same. Upside but really far away. Trying to project pitchers that far away is not a good idea as they are always an injury away from being derailed. Taylor Guerrieri is a good example. Pitching is dangerous, no one should do it. buy arimidex australia. buy canada goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Shane O Mac (if that dude doesn warm up to «Here comes the money» then fucking cut him) is, again, the same. Far away, Franco time. canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose Outlet Banda return from TJS also scares me. Matt Moore was special until he wasn 10.5k/9 and a 3.28 FIP at AAA are sexy tho. He out canada goose outlet canada until 2020, that sad. Canada Goose Outlet

Now, it obvious you trolling but i bite. You ask «How deep is our farm?» and then question 5 guys (3 in rookie ball, 1 drafted last year) like canada goose outlet in uk that evidence we aren deep or good. Our farm is deep because of the amount of 40 FV guys we have, which is more than any other farm system. Since all prospects are basically canada goose outlet store calgary upside, and for every Trout (best prospect in baseball to best player in baseball) there is a Snider (top propect that never panned out) or a JRam (non prospect for whom everything clicked in the majors), you need depth for a retool to truly work.

canada goose deals Depth is the name of the game when ranking farm systems. We don have a Vlad Jr, Eloy or Victor Robles (not yet, wait on Wander Franco) but canada goose outlet we have so many guys that figure to be ML contributors that it doesn really matter. Scrubs Stars teams rarely work, you need balance and the Rays have that more than almost everybody. canada goose deals

Finally, since you mention pitchers, our team ERA and FIP are top 10 in baseball and the only pitcher canada goose outlet los angeles we lose to FA is Romo. We good on the pitching side dawg.

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