He says, not anti women, but anti bad relationships film

The stunning decision by the Federal Court of Appeal to cancel the federal approval of the project should signal final death knell for the pipeline, Weaver said.Morgan knew the project was dead, Weaver said, predicting the Justin Trudeau government will issue some vague promises to keep the project moving forward and then let it die a quiet, ignominious demise.It all sounds quite morbid and final, doesn it? Except a close reading of the actual judgment makes you wonder if reports of the pipeline death are premature.On the failure to properly consult with First Nations, Justice Eleanor Dawson suggested direct corrective action.Federal court quashes approval of $9.3 billion expansionDon Braid: A shocking pipeline fiasco to top all othersFive things to know about the Trans Mountain court rulingJohn Ivison: Trudeau said he solve pipeline stalemate. Not so much concerns of the Indigenous applicants, communicated to Canada, are specific and focused, the judge wrote. Means that the dialogue Canada must engage in can also be specific and focused.

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