He won come after you because you kill me

With side blades. Just like the movie. (ish)Step 1: Video. 135 points submitted 23 hours agoWhen I was a kid we were doing a Nativity play and they assigned the roles with some lottery type thing. I got an angel and I threw such a hissyfit because I thought it was girly (what happened, amirite ladies?).I threw such a hissyfit that they created a new role for me which was «head angel» and for some reason that placated me.I don get the logic, it like they replaced the «fag» role with the «superfag» role and lil serial thought «yes, that do».ilikewhales_ 6 points submitted 2 days agoI not sure what you trying to prove. Yes, furry porn can be a fetish, but furry is not defined as a fetish, simply an interest or fascination with anthros.Cub porn is OK in my opinion too.

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