Hell, most people whose spouse had behaved as Boris did would

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cheap Air max shoes «It’s such a wonderful book John, thanks once cheap authentic jordans websites again cheap jordan trainers uk for writing it. While we shoot, the roller coaster is just going up, my friend,» he tweeted. (His tweet now appears to have been deleted).. Long suffering: Boris Johnson and wife Marina Wheeler (Image: Getty)Get politics updates directly to your inboxSubscribeSee our privacy very cheap jordans free shipping noticeMore newslettersBoris cheap jordans 11 Johnson’s wife Marina is usually described as «long suffering», as though her marriage was a lingering disease, writes Susie Boniface in the Sunday People.It certainly seems persistent. It’s survived a string of affairs one lasting four years and the conception of two children by other women.One of them was aborted and the other made subject of privacy proceedings which were so ill they merely the fact of Boris’ parenthood.With that messy life most people, confronted with cheap jordans.com a spouse who wanted to run for public office and expose their family to yet further scrutiny, would say no.Hell, most people whose spouse had behaved as Boris did would have removed his offending organ and put a GPS tracker on him.Other people’s marriages are their own business and Marina, a barrister by trade, presumably has the wit and financial wherewithal to get rid of her prophylactic shy spouse if she felt like it.Which set me thinking what’s in it for her if Boris runs for office and this all gets raked up again?She’s not someone who seeks publicity. It would embarrass even the coldest fish to have your infidelity repeatedly And in Parliament, and possibly Downing Street, Boris would surely have more opportunities to misbehave.The first talk about Boris making a run for No10 was at last year’s Tory conference, where he addressed activists in a speech so dull and boring, so without his normal flourishes, everyone realised he was showing he could be serious.Everyone concluded he was for the leadership, and it’s quite clear if he is to win the support of Tory MPs, as well as the grassroots, he is where to get cheap jordan shoes going to have to be «less Boris».No more foolish about Liverpool «wallowing in self pity» or Portsmouth being filled with obese layabouts, no more talk of bringing back foxhunting, or making jokes about the «piccaninnies» of the Commonwealth.And Marina knows the fact that he wants this job so much, has wanted it since he was a boy, that if he can stop making blunders with what he says he might also be able to keep his trousers up.In Downing Street, cheap jordans uk with civil servants bursting in, a flat above the shop, bodyguards and camera crews, Boris couldn’t get up to much at all cheap Air max shoes.

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