His ISOs were a sort of «last resort» where they only went

but when he missed those ISO like last night they go

I watched the game after reading the threads here so was mindful of all the KD iso talk. He passed plenty. Unfortunately they turned the ball over heaps and weren hitting shots. And a decent amount of his iso play resulted buy canada goose jacket cheap from the warriors trying to run a set, reversing the ball a few times, then getting it to KD with 10 seconds left for him to do his thing. Which is exactly what Kerr wanted. The real reason they lost is they turned the ball over 16 times and Houston got twice as many OREB.I don get it, it the SAME SHOT he takes.It not the same shots. cheap Canada Goose He is ISOing a lot more than usual. That said, it not KD fault. It Houston game plan. They want him to either ISO a lot or be LeBron. After every switch, he almost always has the best match up. All the switching canada goose uk outlet means the defense doesn Canada Goose Jackets have do a lot of rotating, reducing the efficacy of all the cuts/offball movement that usually happens when the defense is scrambling while rotating.Since the cuts/offball movement has been reduced, KD has two options when he gets a mismatch from the switches; attack the mismatch or give the ball up to someone who has a worse shot (a scenario would be Chris Paul on KD after the switch and KD having to pass the ball to Curry with Ariza on him). I think it would help if GSW runs multiple pick and rolls in single possessions instead of trying to exploit the mismatch that comes from the first pick/switch. This will get the defense scrambling and might create seams for those cuts that make their offense special.Compare it to last season, especially in the playoffs.Durant wasn stopping the ball. His ISOs were a sort of «last resort» where they only went canada goose store to it when they absolutely needed a bucket. Durant was playing within the offense uk canada goose and letting it come to him naturally.Now I don know if it because there were so many injuries for this team late in the year so Durant was just doing it all by himself or what, but he become completely ISO centric come playoff time this year.It doesn matter if the shots are falling or not. He could be averaging canada goose coats 40 but there offense Canada Goose Online still wouldn be good. You can just let one guy ISO on canada goose clearance sale every play with a team like this and except to outscore opponent And they know that!The whole reason signing Durant canada goose clearance was supposed to help the Warriors is because he one of the best isolation players ever. Come Canada Goose sale playoff time when they absolutely needed those isolation plays he could take over.But instead of taking over uk canada goose outlet when they need those iso buckets, he just taking over right from the beginning canadian goose jacket of the game. And it isn allowing anyone else to get into a rhythm.Hell, even Curry has started to ISO more because there just no ball movement. Then the game happened, he didn just miss those shots or trust his teammates. He didn play smart, it just that simple.There is iso basketball and there is KD Melo canada goose uk black friday impersonation. You are 7 feet tall, you can shoot over anyone. Why does he try to go to the basket over Chris Paul or Tucker? His 3p shot selection canada goose factory sale isn any good either.But all in all, we have to look at another factor: GSW has too many non threats on the perimeter. Houston doesn guard anyone other than Klay, Curry or KD. And Kerr puts lineups like KD and 4 non canada goose outlet shooters. They stopping almost every possible action at the expense of canada goose uk shop mismatches, that the whole point of a switch heavy defense. It forces the other team into more ISO heavy sets. It takes away the usual PnR dynamic that allows the ball handler to create shots and forces almost all actions to come off individual plays: post ups, 1 on 1 drives, etc. Also, there aren as canada goose many rotations in the switch defense. Less rotations lead to less open men, which leads to less easy assists. It obvious when you watch the game and look at how many deflections the Rockets are getting. The Warriors really look uncomfortable when playing this style, as evidenced by game 5. Even though Harden had 19 on 5/21, the Rockets still won.The Rockets are also doing a much better job of individually guarding KD. They not letting him get to his spots as easily Canada Goose Coats On Sale as in the 1st two games. They being more physical and disruptive to his rhythm. They much smarter about helping on him at just the right time to not give up an easy pass.It infuariating that no one credits Houston great defense, and everyone just says, «What Canada Goose Parka wrong with the Warriors?» Nothing wrong with the Warriors, there are just a lot of things that are right with the Rockets (hell, even Harden is actually trying really hard on defense). They tried to muddy the game all series, and they finally found an optimal way to do it, yet all we hear is about how the Warriors are «letting them win». Houston has practiced this cheap canada goose uk defense all season long specifically for this matchup. But yeah, a historically great offense predicated on ball movement CHOOSES voluntarily to not move the ball, to defer to one player, to play ISO heavy. Laughable. The narrative that KD somehow coerces the Warriors into passing him buy canada goose jacket the ball and is steadfast in playing ISO ball is even more laughable. Watch the fucking games instead of blindly trusting stats. This whole series is going to be Canada Goose online decided (and has been so far) by who can better take advantage of the 1 on 1 matchups presented by the defense. The warriors excelled in team basketball with passing and cuts. They sucked in ISO plays and then got one of the best ISO players to canada goose coats on sale shore up that weakness. The problem is now they relying on ISO instead of passing the ball and canada goose black friday sale pushing the pace. It great when it falling but that why the Warriors system of passing was so deadly. Even when shots don fall, the non stop off ball movement wore down the opposing defenses eventually.The last 2 games, instead of pushing the pace, they slowed it down for ISO and let the defense set when they could gone on a fast break. They pass it to KD and just clear out. Some open shooters like Klay but no pass to him. Terrible visions. The warriors used to rely on passing even in crunch time to get open shots and curry being confident. Now they just think giving it to KD to let him do something is going to work. Rockets know and want KD to get the ball Canada Goose Outlet because he not passing to others.

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