I cant find work in my field (marine biology) but i knew

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11 points submitted 1 year agoI agree that you need at least one picture where you smiling. You a good looking dude, you dress well, you have fantastic pictures, you have a dog, but you have a similar expression in canada goose outlet shop all of these photos. Girls want to know what it going to be like if they hang out or go on dates canada goose jacket outlet uk with you, and right now it comes across like you two will just sit around looking sad when you together.I add a picture with you smiling and possibly another with friends. You want to give the impression that spending time with you will be fun and worthwhile, but you don seem approachable with these pictures.insomia_sucks_ass 2 points submitted 3 years agoI hate this response. wife http://www.canadagoosecanadaoutlet.com canada goose outlet sale of 6 years recently walked out on me. I feel you 100% on the whole thing as I am feeling every bit of pain and sorrow you have now. I hate when people instantly goes to the «shes cheating on you» you don know the problems we had or know her as well as me ffs. There is always a chance she is but why does everyone always assume the extreme? In my case we had horrible fights leading up to it plus I was an asshole most of the relationship. now I gota live this pain down for god knows how long. It sucks man, it really does but as a famous pasage in the bible reads. «This too shall pass»wookiepankak 1 point submitted 3 years agoyeah I know, jumping to the conclusion that she is cheating is extreme. He is actually the first person to ever insinuate that she had. Everyone I have talked to about this that knows her, it has never crossed there mind as a possibility. I mean she could be that good at pretending it didnt happen but I can read her way canada goose outlet hong kong to easy and would have known something like that was up. Plus I feel like if she was on me then it would of happened earlier in the school year when we hadnt been able to see each canada goose outlet vip other rather then right after I was there and everything was fine. I really hope that canada goose outlet belgium i will get some closure on this at some point, whether its her telling me what the fuck happened and us going our separate ways or her realizing canada goose parka outlet that this is something she wants to canada goose jacket uk work on. i mean our relationship was awesome and im not just looking back and remembering just the good stuff. We never argued and always had super fun together. Time will tellwookiepankak 1 point submitted 3 years agomy first SO/ex wouldnt allow me to talk to any other female if she didnt know them as she always thought I was cheating on her. She ended up dumping me on my birthday after I decided to stay in the UK to spend it with her (im from the USA) rather than go home to spend it with family. canada goose outlet in new york She had planned a weekend for my birthday and my mum had ended up giving her money to help pay for the hotel so we could stay somewhere nice. Turns out she dumped canada goose outlet london uk me and then took the guy she canada goose outlet niagara falls was cheating with canada goose outlet new york on the weekend canada goose outlet store near me holiday and stayed in the hotel canada goose outlet montreal my mom payed for. 3 months later her and canada goose vest outlet the guy went through my facebook and canada goose uk liked every canada goose outlet uk sale single photo that me and her were tagged in.wookiepankak 17 points submitted 3 years agomy first SO/ex wouldnt allow me to talk to any other female if canada goose jacket outlet she didnt know them, also kneed me in the balls because a drunk classmate came over and gave me a hug, then dumped me on my birthday when I stayed in the UK to spend it with her (im from the USA). She had planned a weekend for my birthday and my mum had ended up giving her money to help pay for the hotel so we could stay somewhere nice. Turns out she dumped me and then took the guy she was cheating with on the weekend holiday and stayed in the hotel my mom payed for. 3 months later her and the guy went through my facebook and liked every single photo that me and her were tagged in.wookiepankak [score hidden] submitted 3 years agoshe hasnt really given me any proper explanation. Its a Long Distance (me Ohio, her UK). Dating for two years and was going to propose at the end of the summer as she was going to come live with me for 3 months. Visited her for a month and everything was perfect (all the stuff that I listed above happened during that month) and then a week and a half went by after i got home with everything being great. we were talking about things to do canada goose factory outlet toronto location when she comes, and then 10 minutes later she calls to break up with me. She went from loving me 1000% and wearing a promise ring everyday (i know it stupid but it those things that make long distance easier) and calling me everyday to talk to breaking up with me and refusing to talk to me. its been a month now since this happened and it 14 days till she was supposed to come visit. I am a hollow shell of my former self. Sleep, eating, and productivity are non existent. I just want to talk her and fix what ever happened, i know she loves me and we are an amazing couple.wookiepankak 2 points submitted 3 years agoI have experienced the same general canada goose outlet paypal feelings of abit off and generally not very happy. I found happieness these past 2 years by being in a relationship i thought was going to last the ages as we were soulmates and never had issues. 4 weeks canada goose womens outlet ago she breaks up with me out of the canada goose outlet location blue and all these feelings of worthlessness come flowing back. These feelings started when I canada goose sale uk was middle canada goose jacket outlet sale school as well.All i can say is that if you dont want to talk to your friends or family, then just go talk to a psychiatrist. they will more often then not give you much better advice then friends/family can give you anyways. I went to my GP and talked to him and expressed my concerns pretty much like you stated yours and was prescribed very low dose anti depressents. I am not sure if they are working canada goose outlet ontario but its a step in the right direction. Take it from me, i have been dealing with these issues for around 10 years now and you need to just try and talk to someone about it. Everyone deserves to be happy with there life, so dont let it get you down buddy.wookiepankak 1 point submitted 3 years agoI worry that now that my ex left me, i have nothing to live for. She was the one thing that was working for me in my life right now. I cant find work in my field (marine biology) but i knew everything would be ok because i knew i was canada goose outlet online gunna grow old with her. canada goose uk site But she just ended it out of the blue right after we had a mutual conversation about spending our future together/having kids and gave me no reason. canada goose outlet miami I just worry i have lost my soulmate and dont know how to get over her. How can i make life seem more worthwhile?wookiepankak 1 point submitted 3 years agoI would more say appreciator. The white marinoni, pink/ purple marinoni and the colnago were my fathers. The canada goose outlet white one he bought used from Andy Gilmour in 1988 and has ridden it religously and is a mish mash of the same parts he got that day. He bought the pink as a backup incase he ever wrecked the white one and wanted to be able to get back onto a marinoni without waiting months for one to be available again. the colnago was a whim purchase because why the canada goose outlet black friday sale hell not i guess haha (was only $300). That leaves the Diamant, SHima and Merckx. The shima is the product of my first attempts at frame building so i have to keep hold of canada goose outlet uk fake it and the eddy merckx was a whim purchase and has now been sold as it was too big for me. The diamant is my daily road frame that i have had for a couple years and i love it to death.

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