I walked in there on yesterday

I pretty sure that if you denounce and mess with a corrupt and violent battalion from literally ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD there will be people willing to kill you when you are a famous politician doing this. FFS stop acting like if it was a deal, CS has literally 1% of the fame soccer has here and the soccer players act way worse by mocking other teams and they don get shot or stabbed for this.[ ]jeep700 says it all (BTW I definitelly not saying there is violence here, but it goes way more on some places that you shouldn go, therefore Brazil is not a safe country, but I assure you nobody here would give the effort to even think at doing something in a cs pro, srsly)This roster on talent and firepower alone is pretty insane. finpecia cipla. FNX is a monster, when motivated he is probably one of the best players in the world.

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