If I recall correctly, that’s why the first game had such a

I’m getting flashbacks of what Bungie did with Destiny and I’m terrified

Canada Goose sale I seen the (rise? it always had a bad rep) and fall of canada goose jacket outlet store that game. The design choices where they couldn fucking keep PvP and PvE separate led to an awful, stale, sterile and ultimately boring way to play the game in any kind of mode, be it pvp canada goose jacket outlet toronto (osiris) or just pve stuff like raids. This had happened towards the end of D1 canada goose uk life cycle and went balls deep into vanilla D2. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose online everything is similar, but the way you are treating StW reminds me a lot of how they treated PvE when it came to balance patches in favor of «competitive» PvP. We not getting guns nerfed here, but things like the fov and the edit windows, which were designed with BR in mind, have had side effects here, plus the almost unplayable state of the game (at least on console) and the global chat issue (which seems more like a solution now that it off) really portray a bad impression for everyone who canada goose outlet orlando is dedicated enough to play this game for months on end Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Jackets don play destiny anymore. They stripped away everything that made it special back in the taken king or beginning rise of iron days. Since then, StW has scratched my pve itch while BR scratched my pvp itch. In D2, canada goose parka outlet uk they ruined everything with casualization, monotony, and lies; here, we canada goose outlet store uk seem to be going towards a future where things will be ruined by bugs, lack of features (and no, this isn about pumping a reskinned hero or gun every week), lack of attention (to stw) and ultimately a sensation of disinterest towards this portion of the game, and therefore, canada goose outlet its audience Canada Goose Jackets

buy canada goose jacket still love most canada goose outlet store quebec of the staff. Magyst is dope, communication is always transparent and frequent, and you act really quick on some things, although they are minor in the grand scheme of things in my opinionNever heard this comparison before. Interestingly enough, Bungie screwed themselves over with Destiny. When canada goose outlet website legit they made Marathon, and later Halo, they made a game they wanted to, and added sequels and DLC as the games got canada goose outlet uk sale popular. canada goose outlet in vancouver They could spend years working on a game and releasing ViDocs showing they process and take it chilled out. When they announced Destiny I swear I remember reading that they’d signed a contract with Activision for 2 games and a bunch of DLC for each. If I recall correctly, that’s why the first game had such a thin story, they had an idea but had to stretch it to fill future content. crowbcat did a canada goose outlet factory good video comparing canada goose outlet london old Bungie with the current canada goose jacket outlet uk 343 and the state of Halo and both company’s openness about abilify. what they’re doing. Worth a watch but damn Bungie used to be so open and used to give regular ViDocs showing what they’re up to. Epic is trying to be vocal but nowhere near what Bungie were, back canada goose vest outlet in the dayIt was a 10 year contract. People have the misconception that D1 was going to last 10 years, canada goose outlet kokemuksia but the brand itself is the one that will be running for 10 years buy canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose There are reports and research done that indicates that D1 was going to canada goose outlet ottawa be entirely different and that tons of things were scratched out at the last second (say, a year before release) because it was too ambitious, so they slapped some generic, unfinished things and that was it cheap Canada Goose

buy canada goose jacket cheap It progressively got better after a year. TTK was truly the point where D1 became a GOOD game. They just fucked up afterwards but I don want to digress that much buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Parka Epic is fine in the communication side of things. If someone mad that lord and savior magyst didn reply to their message, then you don know what feedback on the bungie subreddit is. We used to get MONTHS of silence about the most vital points of the game (bugs, balance, new content). For periods it became an echo chamber of pure hatred and negativity https://www.canadagoosejacketonlines.ca because nothing was said. Again I digress. Epic communication is fine; what they need to do is to give canada goose outlet las vegas stw some love is all Canada Goose Parka

canada goose coats on sale I not even talking about investing millions int o a never before seen mode. Just get your stuff together, fix the bugs, the glitches, the hiccups, and take a look at that picture that gets posted all the time with the «ultimate feature request» which has all the things we been begging for monthsThey are treating STW like an fps when it closer to an MMO like City of Heroes, imo. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance They need to go more MMO. They got a great basis for a leveling system, story arcs, zones, items, progression, etc, but they are still stuck on an fps style game concept. Problem, to me, seems they don have a good way to both fix STWs current problems while also better monetizing the IP. Llamas alone don cut it from a canada goose outlet toronto address revenue standpoint, thus, STW gets less canada goose jacket outlet sale attention. canada goose clearance

canada goose What even is the long term picture for STW?I don think you been in the D1 subreddit during all those years canada goose

canadian goose jacket Here we talk about reintegration of rewards, fixes coming in few weeks, and many other things on a WEEK TO WEEK basis. Bungie fucking used to go silent for MONTHS when the playerbase was canada goose outlet online in disarray. TOTAL silence, NOTHING on the forums, not even copy paste. Only false promises during canada goose outlet online reviews the TWAB and the usual «we listening» that ended up with the 0.06% fusion canada goose outlet winnipeg address rifle canada goose outlet buffalo meme. Some of canada goose outlet uk the TWAB literally infuriated the playerbase for some time, because they beat around the bush canada goose outlet boston so much but canada goose shop uk in the end nothing had been said canadian goose jacket

canada goose clearance sale Here it the complete opposite. It only seems shitty in this case because these people are focusing on the wrong aspects while ignoring the most fundamental ones. At this point nobody cares canada goose outlet toronto factory if they go out and canada goose outlet online store review try to get us hype for a reskinned canada goose outlet locations in toronto hero or weapon. Communication about that does exist. What doesn exist is communication about vital canada goose outlet location QoL changes to the game, in addition to actually listening to sensible suggestions from the userbase canada goose clearance sale.

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