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I keep my Best Newcomer Inside Soap award in the bathroom so that’s where this one will be going.»The ITV1 soap also picked up the Best Stunt gong for the gripping siege, fire and explosion at the Underworld knicker factory.Alison King, whose feisty character Carla Connor survived the drama, said: «The factory fire scenes were some of the hardest I’ve ever done, they took four weeks to film and we were working with fire, which was especially dangerous.»By the end of it all we felt like a little family though. Everyone worked so hard and they definitely deserve to win something.»Weatherfield’s Alex Bain, who plays Simon Barlow, won his second Best Young Actor gong, while Waterloo Road was named Best Drama for the first time.It was also a joyous night for Neighbours at the bash, held in trendy north London venue Shaka Zulu. The Australian show beat Home and Away and Doctors to be named Best Daytime Soap a new category at the awards while Ryan Moloney was awarded the Best Daytime Star gong for his long running role as Jarrod «Toadie» Rebecchi.Inside Soap editor Stephen Murphy said: «With EastEnders’ 25th anniversary and Corrie’s approaching 50th, it’s been a blockbuster year for soaps.»Meanwhile, Emmerdale has come out fighting, with some fantastic storylines and performances.

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