It may go a bit far claiming that these videos are the

What is trendy right now that will be embarrassing in 5 years time

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canada goose store I not sure what the case is these days, if there are more of these live action «toy channels» or what, but originally the one that was getting the most views was run by the same young scumbags who used to do those fake prank videos that were popular on YouTube for a while. One of the Elsa videos was canada goose factory outlet toronto location even filmed inside the house of an infamous prank YouTuber, I forget which one, and you could even see his gold canada goose outlet jackets play button on the wall in some shots. These were the guys who were creating fake pranks about canada accutane. groping girls, canada goose jacket outlet toronto provoking them to make out with them, and other clickbaity shit like that. So I assuming they noticed the popularity of toy videos and the declining canada goose outlet michigan interest in prank videos and decided to switch up their content, bringing their shitty over sexualized clickbait techniques to the already clickbait ridden «genre» of toy videos canada goose outlet toronto location and creating this super inappropriate blend canada goose outlet las vegas of sensibilities. canada goose store

canada goose coats on sale But it doesn stop there. Later, more and more channels started appearing with even more nonsensical animations of these characters trying to exploit the current trends. They canada goose outlet website legit have these weird word salad esque titles because they literally created through algorithms that look at the most popular current videos among children, like nursery rhymes, learning vidoes, slime, «finger family» videos, and of course Elsa and Spiderman. So IIRC the creators behind these newer channels have these algorithms deliver them the current most popular tags for videos aimed at children, and then a team of animators (if you can even really call them that) create these weird 10 minute compilations of the popular characters vaguely acting the tags out, often including things that are entirely unrelated to the jumbled up title. They pump these things canada goose outlet location out daily because they so easy to make, canada goose outlet in toronto and seem to use either some very very basic flash animation with stock sound fx or ripped music from other videos, or these weird rudimentary animation programs that come with tons of assets including the popular characters and pre made motions/actions for them to do. canada goose coats on sale

canada goose clearance sale The problem is that with the things that the prank channels brought to these videos, the algorithm picks up both their scummy titles and the more harmless stuff, which ends up canada goose outlet niagara falls prompting the animators to create this surreal blend of kids videos with more adult undertones. It just a huge fucking mess of a system that YouTube is only now finding out about (supposedly) and it rages on with most of these videos getting millions of views with very little time, effort, thought, or money put into them. canada goose clearance sale

buy canada goose jacket There actually a pretty interesting article posted on Medium that talks about these algorithmic videos. It may go a bit far claiming that these videos are the children that stumble upon them, but regardless of what you feel like that it an interesting read about this weird phenomenon that can canada goose outlet shop only exist in the canada goose outlet mall modern landscape of independently made content. buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap Cleaned up the grammar and whatnot cause I originally typed this up very quickly just as my break was ending. Also linked the article buy canada goose jacket cheap.

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