One such Loophole is the Freedom of Choice Loophole that was

Quasar light helps confirm fast delivery viagrabest online price. bizarre phenomenon of Quantum Entanglement

You know how some twins say they can feel what the other twin feels? Or they know when their twin is in trouble/pain? This is sort of like that.Researchers sent two twins into separate rooms to ask them the same question and to see if their responses lined up. But the researchers wanted to make this a double blind study (where the researchers don even know what question they going to ask so that the twins definitely didn overhear and collude).So, as they twins were walking to their separate rooms, the researchers canada goose outlet mall looked outside, and depending on what color bird they saw flying by the canada goose outlet 2015 window (a random thing), they asked a canada goose factory outlet certain question. So, a red bird means ask each twin their name, a blue bird means ask their age, etc.They then asked the twins the question and made sure the responses lined up. If they saw a blue bird and both twins said the same canada goose outlet washington dc age, then they may be entangled. If they saw a red bird, and the canada goose outlet store uk twins gave different names, then canada goose outlet mississauga they may be entangled. Do this with 30,000 or so sets of twins and you can start to determine whether the twins answers are random ish, or if they tend to be correlated. They aren using the quasars to avoid influence from the human mind. This experiment has absolutely nothing to do with whether «quantum mechanics are a trick of the human mind». They are using the quasars because the quasars canada goose outlet florida are far enough away from each other, the source, and detectors that the Choice canada goose outlet niagara falls of what to measure at each detector is relativistically independent of the the source, the other detector, and the other Choice maker.Bell Tests are tests canada goose outlet store near me of Local Realism, or whether quantum mechanics can be fully described by objects that follow special relativity (any Hidden Variables that we do not know about cannot be communicated faster than the speed of light). So far as we know, quantum objects that are entangled to each other change instantly (faster than allowed by speed of light communication) when the other entangled object is measured. Bell Tests involve measuring different properties of two entangled objects, such that the properties measured show a correlation that cannot be explained canada goose outlet real by speed of light communication of Hidden canada goose outlet jackets Variables. Independent quantum measurements show randomness, while simultaneous measurements of entangled objects show a bias that cannot be explained by special relativity. allowing speed of light communication between the entangled objects. One such Loophole is the Freedom of Choice Loophole that was eliminated by using the quasars. In experiments that use earth based random number generators to Choose what property to measure for each entangled object, each detector «knows» what the other detector will measure because the Choice is made by objects that can communicate by speed of light communication between the time of the Choice and the time of detection. By using the quasars to generate the Choice of what to measure, each Choice is relativistically independent.Again, the Freedom of Choice Loophole has absolutely nothing to do with the human mind. It has everything to do with whether or not the Choice of what to measure is independent of canada goose outlet belgium the creation of the entangled pair. The light from the quasars, which sets the Choice of what to measure, was created billions of years ago in a far off galaxy. Quantum mechanics has absolutely nothing to do with the human mind and it shows a SERIOUS lack of understanding of this topic on your part.You confusing a few things here. The Freedom of Choice loophole is a loophole in Bell experiment on deterministic behavior of entangled quanta, and he found that their measurements are truly random.However, that experiment relies on true randomness that only an external input can truly guarantee. Otherwise the detectors could influence each others results. Again, the brain has NOTHING to do with quantum mechanics and the canada goose outlet paypal observer effect.Holy shit. that your comment hasn been deleted yet, is a grave error on the moderators part. You perpetuating false facts and many canada goose outlet ottawa others canada goose sale uk blindly believe youFor people who don know much about what going on, I want to repost canada goose kensington parka uk this thing I wrote in another reply:I not a quantum mechanics professor, I have watched, I believe, every tv documentary on canada goose outlet store montreal quantum physics and entanglement that I have been able to find online. That not an idle canada goose outlet us boast, I literally have struggled canada goose outlet uk sale in recent months to find any new ones to watch when I around the house.That a canada goose outlet shop good baseline set of analogies to describe entanglement, and how you test if entanglement (and this observed instantaneous transmission/spooky action) is real or not.The scientists use measurements of the color of the light emitted by these quasars as random number generators that canada goose clothing uk pick the rules of the card game Al Khalili references in the above clips.The experiment in the article canada goose outlet 80 off is setup so that the experimenter isn picking the rules anymore, light from ancient quasars is picking the canada goose outlet rules. So if light that 7.8 billion years old is picking the rules, then the dealer would have had to have known 7.8 billion years ago that some scientists would be using it to pick the rules of the game in order for the dealer to be using sleight of hand.Einstein and classical physics insisted that if you looked hard enough and were smart enough you would catch the dealer cheating. The gloves would have canada goose outlet online uk to be a matched set with a predetermined, written at creation, left and right. This experiment indicates that if the dealer was cheating, or if the gloves were manufactured as left and right, then it would have had to have been determined roughly 3.3. bn years before the creation of the planet the experimenters would be testing on. To flip that around for a second and rephrase, that means that if the particles AREN somehow exchanging some value to each other instantaneously (which would mean that the transmission of that value is faster than the speed of light), then the variable is being pre encoded into reality somewhere 7.8 billion years (or more) in the past.Don get hung up on this too much, what it really is trying to prove is that at the most BASIC infinitesimal bedrock layer of whatever reality is, there is just an. intrinsic unknowableness to its fabric. Things like quantum particles are weird. They exist not as. objects, but as potential. They exist as probabilistic waves with peaks and troughs of percentages of probabilities.Imagine a tennis ball floating on top of a wavepool at one of those big waterparks and imagine the pool is inside a sealable structure like a gymnasium canada goose outlet germany for a second. Turn off the lights in the gymnasium and ask yourself where the tennis ball might be at this exact moment. Until you turn on the light, you canada goose outlet locations in toronto can actually know where the ball is. The question is, is the ball there, at all, when the lights are off? Experiments canada goose parka outlet indicate that the ball isn canada goose outlet winnipeg address there when the lights are off. Instead observed results seem to indicate that the ball is actually in every position in the pool at once, and when you turn on the canada goose jacket outlet store light the ball coalesces into one location instantly. A more accurate way to put it is that the ball isn anywhere in the pool when the lights are off, it instead is «waiting» for the light to turn on to choose a position to canada goose outlet website legit be in. It chooses that position by preferring the crests of our pool.What we seem to observe is that the pool itself forms the ball because the water in the pool is made up of percentages of probability for where the ball could be. In your mind eye, imagine that the water has now been transformed into numbers. Those numbers represent the probability or percentage of chance that the ball could be in that location when we turn on the lights. The crests of the waves in the pool are HIGH PROBABILITIES and the troughs are low or canada goose shop uk lower probabilities and everything in between is a gradient or slope of probability of where the ball could be. When the lights go on what appears to happen is that the ball kind of pops into place. The water is a probabilistic wave field.

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