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I was actually thinking about moncler sale online this today.A podcast I was listening to was talking about how tying your shoe becomes so automatic after you become very proficient and skilled at tying your shoe. They then went on to talk about martial arts and cheap moncler jackets womens how the top athletes have the same level moncler outlet store of automaticity but with combat moves. However I got thinking about speech.Talking is incredibly complex in terms of mental power but also cheap moncler jackets mens tongue technique. We are all black belts at english. moncler uk outlet However uk moncler sale if you ever learn a new language that contain sounds not part of english (for example the hard G in dutch) you have to practice the sounds so that you can string the words together efficiently. And until you do it sounds like you have a stutter. But thats is like moncler online store a kind fumbling with their shoe laces. You are back to square one with you mouth skills. Your tongue is trying to twist in new ways.I remember learning Dutch and just practicing the g sound over and over and over just by discount moncler jackets it self. Fast forward a couple of years moncler sale and moncler outlet woodbury I could actually speak at a reasonable pace (with of course a terrible accent). Sure I never got my black belt cheap moncler coats mens in Dutch but i did get my purple belt. Learning the language was mostly memorization and other mental tasks, but a lot of it was simply training my mouth.»Dies ist kein Rntgen Tonfilm, sondern eine Aufnahme mit der Magnetresonanztomographie oder kurz MRT, die auch als Kernspintomographie bekannt ist. Das in cheap moncler jackets Gttingen neu entwickelte Verfahren der Echtzeit MRT kann cheap moncler sale beliebige Bewegungsvorgnge im Krperinneren mit einer sehr moncler outlet online hohen zeitlichen Auflsung aufnehmen. Da gleichzeitig auch der Ton aufgezeichnet wird, verdient die Wiedergabe der Sprache besonderes Interesse. Das Gerusch der MRT Messung wird moncler outlet prices dafr weitestgehend unterdrckt. Dieser moncler outlet MRT Tonfilm wurde mit 55 Bildern pro Sekunde gemessen. Man erkennt dabei Form und Lagevernderung des Zungenrckens, des Zungengrundes, des weichen Gaumens, des Kehldeckels und des Kehlkopfes. Achten Sie bitte auf diese Vorgnge.»»This is not a x ray film, but a recording moncler online with magnetic resonance imaging or MRI, which is also known as magnetic resonance tomography (nuclear spin tomography). This method of a real time MRI recently has been best moncler jackets developed in Gttingen. It can accommodate any movement processes inside the body with moncler womens jackets a very high temporal resolution. As the audio recording is synchronized, moncler usa this reproductionof speech deserves special acknowledgement. The MRI sound is suppressed as much as possible. This MRI sound film was measured at moncler outlet sale 55 frames per second. Easily moncler sale outlet notable are the changes of the tongue, the palate, epiglottis and larynx, please pay attention to these processes. » uk moncler outlet.

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