The basic rule of thumb in politics is to try to avoid

I take exception to this GoG created marketing website being divisive and 1 sided in an effort to market their product/service.villianboy 2 points submitted 1 day agoBecause a lightweight DRM will still slowdown and even stop some pirates, because a lot of pirates are just people who want something free, with as little hassle as possible, and sometimes a crack is too much for them. Other reasons would be simple things like making it harder to pirate (obviously) and in some cases makes some people more willing to buy it/acknowledge it. I would never know about a program like deluge if not for piracy, obviously not wholly the same, but the idea stands that it can help get the word out.DRMs like Denuvo though are a lot more hassle than anything because they can/will slow games and will usually be cracked anyways, not to mention OP isn selling Windows 10, it is probably small enough to the point where piracy will have noticeable effects, and a small enough group of people would want it to keep it out of the limelight from crackers (relatively speaking)_ItsMadeOfPeople 3 points submitted 1 month ago1) You are correct, OnSaveInstanceState is not really used in this application.

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