The way I think about it is that the crosshair is a small

Why is there no talk about nerfing clingers

If EPIC is happy with this interaction then they canada goose outlet boston need a damage cap for multiple clingers within a radius or something.Personally, I think this interaction is dumb. If I am built in then why does the damage go through my structure on an instant explosion? canada goose outlet paypal The wall should stop the damage.I get it for C4, it a chained detonation so one blows up the wall the next goes into the box.But C4 doesn do as much damage and the stack size is canada goose vest outlet smaller so it a little bit more reasonable. The only thing that may be broken about them is when used with the new sniper. However to counter such an argument, you must realise that in order to do that you must have 2 slots dedicated to a heavy sniper and clinger.The interaction itself is fine in my eyes, as it adds a dynamic between turtling and being aggressive. No longer is it canada goose outlet in new york the case you can just hide in a box and be fine, you need to be aware of your enemies and if they have clingers you better gtfo. Maybe a change so that the further you are the less damage, as should be the canada goose outlet location case, with even the other explosives in the game. The fact of the matter is canada goose outlet london that there are so many guns in the game that are simply irrelevant (deagle, dualies, burst rifle, famas etc.) yet Epic continues to add more and more weapons into the game rather than balance the weapons canada goose outlet buffalo that are currently in the game and actually give loadouts some variety. The other problem is that there are so many guns in the game where if you find it, it an automatic canada goose outlet store near me pick up. canada goose outlet florida Meaning, if you find a gold scar or a blue drum gun, there a very good chance you going to drop a weapon or item in your inventory for that item because you would be canada goose outlet vip simply putting yourself at a disadvantage not picking it up. Even if you have another gold item like a gold sniper or gold Famas, the choice is still a no brainer if you find a drum gun or scar, and that to me is simply ridiculous. There simply no opportunity cost when dropping certain weapons for others, and that canada goose outlet new york city should not canada goose stockists uk be the case in my opinion. If I drop my blue burst for that gold scar, there should be canada goose outlet jackets some risk canada goose outlet involved that I am taking, but again, in the game current state, that is simply not the case for so canada goose parka outlet uk many weapons. What the point of having a whole weapon ranking system if the rarity doesn even correlate to the actual intrinsic strength of the weapon?As for your second point, I can argue with the fact that bloom is RNG, but I will say that it rewards players who canada goose outlet toronto address have exceptional tracking ability. If you can center the crosshair on your opponent consistently, at close mid range, you will most definitely hit your shots. The way I think about it is that the crosshair is a small circle, and if canada goose outlet montreal you canada goose jacket outlet store have really good aim, you will be able to put a large percentage of the opponent body canada goose jacket uk in the circle and therefore you will be able to hit shots more often. They don’t and should get ANY credit for nerfing splodes and buffing building. If you’re giving them credit than simply Epic played you like a fiddle.Splodes were fine a long time ago, then they decided to buff them and make them all hilariously broken out of no where. But they deserve credit for fixing a terrible change they made?The buff to building still has building weaker than before, you know that right? Now they are only at a middle ground between before and canada goose coats uk the canada goose outlet online store terrible nerfs they implemented in the p90 patch. But we should give them credit for slightly buffing building back up after canada goose outlet las vegas the moronic changes of nerfing it in the first place? Fuck outta here.This game is in a terrible state with the hilarious amount of bugs, lack of needed features on console (it’s been almost a year and still no instant editing on console) and shotguns are still in a terrible place. This slight delay buff for the pumps is not nearly enough. People are using drum. People using P90 and SMGs. All shot guns are being used at the moment. canada goose outlet black friday Not sure how they can canada goose outlet usa be im a terrible place when they canada goose outlet nyc are used in almost every load out.Splodes were pointless first 3 seasons except for RL for fragging and GL for destruction. Building was only really countered by building. The moronic change? Did u honestly think the game was balanced before? Be logical bro. Splodes needed a buff and building needed a nerf and the balance is in a pretty good place now.I not a fan boy I just logical and try to look at things objectively rather than raging out. I do agree about the editing on console though. That shit needs to happen canada goose outlet hong kong asapOne rocket still takes down double ramp floor wall. Explosives still don have dynamic blast radius. Drumgun still has a 50 bullet clip that too powerful for sieging. Drumgun has a higher dps than the Scar with 66% more bullets. Stacking clingers or C4 on someone is a near 100% secure kill because 1 explosion will completely destroy all their building (even if they hiding under a ramp that under a floor that under a pyramid).The only good thing that happened recently that actually made a change to the spray and pray meta official canada goose outlet is making damage dropoff on smgs ridiculously big. Which was a good nerf. But this game isn really in a good state. You can have 3000 mats that can place 40 pieces of build in the time that it takes to reload a rocket, or which u can only carry 13. Building is still the daddy. Tommy is total shit from mid to long range now canada goose outlet 2015 so not sure why ur comparing it to a scar. It could get nerfed back a bit more tbh but its already pretty trash against builds now. I can understand that if ur not a very good builder that u might think the meta is garbage. canada goose outlet in usa If after the smg nerfs the splode nerfs the canada goose kensington parka uk mats buffs and another smg nerf your still struggling then maybe it time to look in another directionThe problem with this explosive meta is that the skill ceiling for using splodes is incredibly low while the counters to them are canada goose outlet online reviews much higher skill ceiling if not non existent.Epic needs to make throwables more niche, as they are simply too powerful at everything right now. Because building is such a large part of the game, even adding a throwable that would do no damage to players but a lot of damage to structures would still be powerful. The problem is that all of the throwables with exception to C4 and port a forts deal high destructive damage as well as considerable player damage.

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