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Canada Goose sale University Uses ‘Social Norming’ To Curb Drinking

canada goose clearance sale At colleges across the United States, the number of alcohol related deaths is on the rise. But https://www.goosefrshop.com at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, no student has died from intoxication or Canada Goose online an accident linked to drinking since 1998.

canada goose store What’s UVA’s secret? It’s called «social norming,» and it relies on peer counseling, social Canada Goose Outlet events and solid information to canada goose uk black friday challenge misperceptions students have about drinking.

Robert Waynefield, now a UVA graduate buy canada goose jacket cheap student, says that when he first arrived on campus at age 18, he canada goose factory sale figured he had to drink cheap Canada Goose if he wanted to fit in, even though the legal drinking age is 21.

«It’s just something you are constantly presented with in all of your group of friends,» buy canada goose jacket says Waynefield. canada goose «You may be lucky enough to find a group of people Canada Goose Coats On Sale that don’t drink, but you will be like an island amongst the drinkers if you’re the only people not drinking.»

Canada Goose Jackets Like most colleges, UVA bans alcohol on campus and in the dorms, but Dr. Jim Turner, director of student health, says it’s virtually impossible to keep alcohol away from underage students.

«We have 20,000 students here; 12,000 of them don’t even live on our campus,» says Turner. «So unless you are going to put a policeman at the front door of every single apartment, fraternity and sorority, how on earth canadian goose jacket can canada goose black friday sale you keep young people from using alcohol in the privacy of their own home?»

Canada Goose online The university’s prevention program, developed over the past decade, targets high risk behavior, particularly among first year students. The hallmark of social norming is canada goose uk shop correcting student ideas about what other students really do, and how much they actually drink.

«Perceptions of what your canada goose uk outlet peers do Canada Goose sale are very, very powerful motivating factors. And misperceptions can be just as powerful,» uk canada goose Turner says.

Truth Telling The Power Of Facts

A recent survey found that 27 out of 100 UVA students don’t drink at all. One third of UVA students are considered moderate drinkers people who have Canada Goose Online one to three drinks at the most in an evening, and not every evening. One fifth have serious problems with alcohol.

canada goose clearance The university wants students to understand what happens when they uk canada goose outlet drink, so as soon as first year students get to campus in the fall, the university hosts «HooFest,» Canada Goose Parka an alcohol free outdoor festival. («Hoos» are what UVA students call themselves.)

canada goose deals This year, the fifth annual HooFest took place on a rainy day and lured several hundred students with food, music and games.

cheap Canada Goose One game was designed to teach students how to keep track of how much they’re drinking. Students challenged Turner to pour the amount of liquid he thought was equal canada goose clearance sale to one bottle of beer into a giant plastic cup, the sort ubiquitous at college keg canada goose store parties. He did fine, but many students don’t: Those cups each contain 16 ounces a bottle and a half of femme canada goose beer.

Peers Educate, Rather Than Police

Julia Villageliu, 22, is a trained peer health educator.

«I think students expect that we are going to tell them not to drink, but we canada goose coats on sale are actually just accepting the reality that a lot of college students do drink under the age of 21. And they do it in unsafe settings because they have to hide it,» says Villageliu.

«So we just want them to have better information and know that they can come to talk to us if they have concerns about drinking too much or friends drinking too much,» cheap canada goose uk she says. «They are just wondering about their general safety and BAC.»

buy canada goose jacket «BAC» stands for blood alcohol content. At HooFest, first year students are handed a BAC calculator card a blue one for the guys and a red one for the girls. Based on how much they weigh and how much they drink, students can estimate their BAC.

Canada Goose Parka Scary Wake Up Calls

HooFest seems like a long time ago for Waynefield, who canada goose clearance is now 21. When the canada goose coats graduate student talks about the drunken binges of his college years, he sounds like a man waking up from a four year hangover. He’s not proud of what he did when bingeing.

canada goose coats «Getting into fights with people when you’ve had too much. Uh, vomiting in public. Public urination. Unprotected sex. The whole nine yards of just horror,» Waynefield says.

Last semester, he volunteered to work on a project at UVA’s Center for Alcohol and Substance Education. It was a way to use his data analysis skills and confront his personal demons. He’s now part of a student group trying to lessen the impact of drinking during big occasions such as football games and Halloween. The goal, he says, is to protect students from themselves.

canadian goose jacket «They have a lot of things in place to get you home safely so that you don’t drunk drive,» Waynefield says. «They have officers stationed and rescue squads stationed and everything ready to go in case something bad happens.»

canada goose black friday sale The really big event is the «Foxfield Races» in the spring. The students dress up, and drinking starts early in the day. That’s when 21 year old Matthew White, another member of the Center for Alcohol and Substance Education, got his wake buy fluoxetine 20mg. up call.

«I had a fraternity brother, we were pledging my fraternity; and the first year of college, he ended up in a coma with BAC of 0.41, I think. It was just a big reality check,» White says.

canada goose The friend survived because of one lesson that’s drilled into students:

canada goose coats on sale «A lot of students at UVA know some of the key signs for alcohol poisoning, and I don’t think anybody’s afraid to call 911 in case of an emergency,» White says.

buy canada goose jacket cheap In fact, a recent student survey shows emergency room visits are up, though not for situations like Canada Goose Jackets the one White confronted. Most visits mainly concern minor scrapes and falls associated with drinking.

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