Too many health providers, however, still don’t teach and

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Canada Goose Jackets (NaturalNews) As Natural News editor Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, said many years ago, the way to dramatically lower healthcare costs in America and reduce obesity related healthcare issues is through better nutrition. Too many health providers, however, still don’t teach and preach the concept, however. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose black friday sale And yet, there is a growing body of evidence that better nutrition is the Canada Goose Online key to eliminating, or at least dramatically reducing, the incidence of today’s most ravaging diseases, including cancer. Indeed, another just released study found that changing over to a better, more wholesome diet of natural foods with fewer calories can help fight many cancers. canada goose black friday sale

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail, a low calorie diet while receiving traditional cancer treatment chemotherapy is being credited with shrinking tumors twice Canada Goose online as much as chemotherapy alone, according to scientists.

canada goose coats on sale Studies by American and French researchers found that reducing caloric intake in a carefully controlled diet is believed to boost the effects of chemotherapy for those who choose to receive canada goose uk shop it. canada goose coats on sale

cheap Canada Goose Scientists believe that this phenomenon occurs because the fasting effect on the body weakens tumor cells while bolstering the presence of «T cells,» which kill cancerous cells. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose clearance sale ‘Seems too good to be true’Clinical trials are being planned, and if they are successful, they could provide patients with a much improved chance at surviving life threatening cancers. canada goose clearance sale

The Daily Mail reported further:

Canada Goose Parka In separate studies, both published in the journal Cancer Cell, scientists examined the canadian goose jacket effects of dieting and of taking medication which mimics the effects of dieting in mice with tumours. Canada Goose Parka

canada goose The US study, cheap canada goose uk by the University of Southern California, buy canada goose jacket cheap tested how mice fed a Canada Goose Coats On Sale low sugar, low protein, high fat, low calorie diet fared while being given different chemotherapy drugs or no drugs at all. canada goose

After a half dozen weeks, scientists found that for the mice who were put on canada goose factory sale a special diet and were also given medication to shrink tumors, the tumors decreased in size to about half the size of tumors in mice that were given only chemotherapy. Valter Longo, one of Canada Goose Parka the research scientists involved in canada goose clearance the study, canada goose coats on sale believes that fasting led to lower levels of oxygenase, which is a protein that normally occurs at high levels in cancer cells.

As oxygenase levels fell, researchers discovered that tumor attacking T cells flourished, thereby reducing tumor size and helping to eliminate the disease.

Longo hinted that it is possible fasting could have been canada goose coats successfully used by our ancestors long ago to sort of revitalize the immune system and prevent the spread of cancerous cells.

canada goose clearance «This coordinated multifaceted effect seems too good to be true,» he said. «It may not be Canada Goose sale a coincidence, but a very precisely evolved process that is meant to get rid of bad cells.» canada goose clearance

Working with hospitalsThe French study, conducted by the Centre de buy canada goose jacket Recherche des Cordeliers, saw mice given drugs that mirrored the effects of fasting without harming the body. The medication, called hydroxycitrate, triggers many of the biochemical reactions of starvation, but without any appreciable weight loss.

French researchers canada goose store tested mice with lung and breast cancer, and discovered that those on the drugs that mimicked a diet had their tumors reduced by a canada goose black friday sale greater amount than those who were not on the medication.

Canada Goose sale Researchers believe that simulating starvation summarily changes the micro environment within a tumor, bolstering T cells, while boosting the formation of white blood cells that protect the body. Canada Goose sale

Canada Goose Outlet «My theory is that when you cause some cancer cell death, you stimulate the Canada Goose Outlet release of factors that enhances the recruitment of cell types that can fight against the tumour and reduce the immunosuppressive cells,» researcher Guido Kroemer canada goose uk black friday said. Canada Goose Outlet

Prof. Longo and his team have already tested the safety of the special cheap Canada Goose diet on cancer patients, and are currently working with hospitals to see how the diet helps patients respond to their treatment.

Canada Goose online Meanwhile, give your nutrition a boost year round with clean superfoods. Canada Goose online

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