Verizon confirmed that the device was out of warranty and that

And the speakers are stellar IMO. After my surface and the idol, I won get another phone with speakers on the side/back. Having dual ones up front just make everything sound better. Be civil and uplifting.2 Subversion: No arguing claims of truthfulness, repeatedly criticizing or complaining about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints and its leaders (past and present), pushing personal agendas, debating, or provocative threads or comments.3 Disallowed Topics: No NSFW or offensive content (including usernames), politics, or detailed discussion of temple ceremonies.Frequently discussed topics may be removed and relegated to sticky threads here. Use NP linking when cross posting, as explained here.I think that Brand New’s album Science Fiction is Latter day Saint themed. If you like this, the rest of the album has MANY (I suspect) references to doctrine.

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