You act like your the only one who can throw accusations

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Canada Goose Jackets You literally made an account one day old to shit post OP, if that not throwing accusations from a throwaway, I don know what is. Some people use their throwaway account as main Canada Goose Outlet account, wanted to post a story but never bothered to log off on mobile. You act like your the only one who can throw accusations, calling op for fraud with basically only a gut feeling, while when I accuse you for making another account buy canada goose jacket you act like accusations without basis are wrong.If you aren that account, then my apologies, just noticed that the only person obssessed with trying to thrawt OP business on all three of his threads with paragraphs of text and a comment every single hour about how OP is a scam, commenting on 4 5 different people comments per day is you.Literally day one you said OP was 17, as if that somehow makes him less trustworthy solely based on his age.I haven seen someone so infatuated with a random guy selling hard drives on Reddit, regardless of what is the truth, especially if you aren even buying his shit and get triggered over him wanting to text you.You can call me OP, that fine, ill guaratee cheap Canada Goose you one thing, I surely not gonna follow every post you ever make and stalk you like I want to have sex with you on reddit.I make sure to post pictures, meeting him today.I don know anything about OP except for the conversations here and the phone number they gave me to call they don pick up.make sure to post pictures, meeting him today Canada Goose Jackets.

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