5mm headphone jack, FM and 3G connectivity

«Those non physical changes are what keep me going.»In her post, Anna emphasizes the importance of focusing on how you feel both physically and emotionally, rather than on the way you look because let’s be real, fitness is about so much more than that.»There’s always room for physical improvement and there’s always someone who looks better than you, and those two facts can be freaking exhausting if it’s all you’re concerned with,» she says. «It can put you in a constant state of wanting to restrict food more, work out more, and if you’re not careful, lead to an unhealthy obsession and relationship with workouts and with food. That’s not what I want for me or for any one of you.»And while Anna has put a lot of hard work and dedication to get to where she is today, she made it a point to listen to her body and have some fun in the process.»I’ve always been overly conscious of maintaining balance and never letting fitness take over my life,» she writes.

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