I created a flow in and action and with a simple invocable class

Are flows clunky

Yes they are clunky, canada goose outlet england I won disagree with that one bit. My first round of attempting to use flow didn go all that well, after I learned some apex it all made a lot more sense. I had the same impression you did, they are not all that intuitive. However I am now a solid believer that flows are canada goose outlet reviews a really great solutions for canada goose outlet in vancouver most businesses out there. Larger companies with multiple devs on a rounded out Salesforce team of course will probably be better off just writing some true code but for most I think that flow is an excellent balance between the clicks and canada goose outlet store new york code.If you are auto launching your flow you can write apex unit tests for flows. There are a fair number of exceptions to when a flow by itself won work, anything that can be done with a native flow action can be encapsulated into a chunk of invocable canada goose outlet near me apex.For very complicated logic I encourage using custom settings or custom metadata in concert with a flow to fire the action and the apex to actually complete it. I think one of the biggest gain is that the logic canada goose outlet in new york of what automation is doing and how it is doing it can be fairly easily gleaned from a combo of flow and apex. A pattern I have been using with some success is use a PB to canada goose outlet in toronto fire a master canada goose outlet online uk flow, break out into sub flows and invoke apex as needed.Just like with apex best practices should be used with flows, I canada goose parka outlet uk think have the flow designed by a dev and an admin together is ideal. It easy to build extremely www.canadagooseonline.info inefficient flows if one is not careful with how the tool is used. Flow is every bit as much coding as apex, it is just deciding to do it via a GUI rather than in canada goose outlet store montreal text. Someone familiar with code will be able to see the landmines and canada goose jacket outlet sale the admin can help to own much more of the solution than if it was all written in code. The biggest landmine I see with the tool that makes it clunky is the lack of proper error handling/ debugging within flow. Crank up the debug logging level for workflows, that will make it canada goose jacket outlet store much easier to see what is going awry.Some best practicesTons of best practices and ideas hereA way to use a CSV in unit tests Depending on the admin you are working with the ability to insert data via a static resource CSV can be really helpful.You can run an integrtion by flow See canada goose outlet factory the follow on blog about the swagger API release, canada goose uk Canada Goose Outlet site integrations via flow will be growing in the future.This library has added a TON of power to flowsBeware, self bulkification does not mean you can do whatever you want. Be careful with loops and queries. See best practices above for how to avoid the disasters.There are a few invocable apex libraries out there already, ready for use. See the code canada goose discount uk in these libraries for how invocable apex is implemented.If you have 50% dev and 50% admin (in perpetuity, with admins not wanting to learn Apex) it might make sense to maintain some canada goose outlet phone number flows. I yet to canada goose outlet eu see this, with proper SDLC (regression testing, deployment) actually be canada goose factory outlet vancouver executed in harmony.They work on both lightning and classic. I have a page where users need to update a field on a record that they do not have edit permissions. I need a place where they can put in the input. I did not want to create a lightning and VF page, one for lightning and one for classic.I created a flow in and action and with a simple invocable class, allowed them to update the record.One action. Both lightning and canada goose outlet location classic, using a flow.I have also used flows to do small query and update records in mass scenarios. Since it is bulkified canada goose clothing uk and provided you stick to best practices this works pretty well.

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