If you get a rash from poison ivy but can’t remember being

Don’t let your pets romp in wooded areas. If you get a rash from poison ivy but can’t remember being near the plant, you may have your pet to thank. If your dog or cat strolls through a patch of poison ivy, the oils may cling to the animal’s fur. Arriving in Mannheim in the early morning, you have plenty of free time to enjoy the Christmas market. The city is located at the union of the Rhine and the Neckar rivers, and offers lots of sightseeing opportunities; the Mannheim Palace, a stunning baroque structure which now houses the university; the Luisenpark, noted as one of the most beautiful parks in Europe; and the Fernmeldeturm Mannheim, an impressive telecommunication tower complete with observation deck. The main attraction during winter months is undoubtedly the Christmas market one of the largest in south west Germany!.

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