Maybe Shyvana could move into that territory as an AD scaling

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Jungle Leona is pretty canada goose outlet store uk dead right now, they hit canada goose outlet nyc her W damage pretty significantly since you last played (60 260) to (60 220), and her Q damage decently. They did/are getting CD buffs but most of that damage was put into her passive which she cant proc on monsters, so her clear is pretty bad. If you canada goose outlet edmonton wanted to try to make it work I try something like Aftershock with earl game focused runes, and maybe cheap shot and ravenous/relentless hunter. That would be with Cinderhulk into Iceborne or situational tank items.

Canada Goose sale As a bruiser it probably be even harder, but you could try taking Conqueror or Electrocute for the AD/AS and spec into Precision/Domination/Resolve secondary. Probably go Warrior into Triforce since the reduced cd on Q makes procing sheen even easier. After that maybe a steraks? Canada Goose sale

You should ask /r/summonerschool, that the better place for a question like this. You prob get more answers too.

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canada goose coats on sale The last time jungle Leona was somewhat playable was when Ranger Trailblazer existed and before the several consecutive rounds of nerfs hit cinderhulk. These two items could mitigate her horrific jungle clear and allow you to actually stay somewhat relevant in gold and XP as you spammed ganks. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose online The only upside to jungle leona right now is that she can probably take crab pretty quickly with Machete and win most level three fights with electrocute, but after taking canada goose outlet england crab you do absolutely nothing. The ganks are strong but really telegraphed against better players and you be two levels behind all game. Potentially 3 4 levels behind against graves. Canada Goose online

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buy canada goose jacket I think PD is an all around solid item on canada goose outlet store new york Kindred, the movespeed and damage reduction is really useful against a lot of the Darius and Yasuo I canada goose factory outlet vancouver see in gold elo. IMO Death Dance is situationally good but I wouldn build it instead of a zeal item. Kindred definitely wants some attack speed, especially if they canada goose outlet online uk built warrior. buy canada goose jacket

buy canada goose jacket cheap I guess Runaan is underrated from my perspective because it doing a ton of on hit work for you in the lategame. I agree that you can easily tag enemies with grievous wounds using Wolf and autos, but Runaans applies Black Cleaver shred, BotRK %hp damage, Bloodrazor %hp damage (which more pro players are beginning to build), grievous wounds, and the bolts can crit for even more free damage. And the likelihood of consistently hitting opponents with your bolts is pretty high if they canada goose outlet las vegas diving into the Kindred ult during canada goose outlet official fights. Personally I enjoy the extra pushing power as well. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose black friday sale I gonna let you in on a big secret, ready? There are things that are good in solo queue, that aren good in competitive. And vice versa. canada goose outlet black friday Example: Ornn was just nerfed because he was good in competitive, team coordinated play. He really isn all that great in solo queue. In Garen we have a case of the opposite phenomenon. canada goose black friday sale

Canada Goose Outlet You saying that Garen isn good is actually just empirically, provably wrong. Champs with 54% winrates in plat or higher are canada goose outlet los angeles good. He has the second highest winrate among all top laners. He has the second highest play rate among all top canada goose outlet washington dc laners. That good. Canada Goose Outlet

canada goose clearance If you wanted to argue that he isn broken, I disagree, but I hear you out. canada goose outlet winnipeg Arguing that he isn good, however, just because your favorite TSM canada goose outlet in usa top laner doesn play him, doesn mean that Garen isn exceptionally strong in solo queue. canada goose clearance

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ADC are strong right now, absolutely, I would agree that they over tuned. But that doesn necessarily canada goose outlet locations in toronto mean that their natural predator in the ecosystem (Rengar) is not also disproportionately strong. Creating a scenario where non ADC players are upset at the strength of marksmen, and canada goose outlet 80 off ADC players are upset at the prospect of being oneshot by a stealthed Rengar is not a sustainable meta. I would sign on to ADC nerfs, AND also allow them more tools to have at least 2 seconds to make some sort of coutnerplay without staring at a gray screen.

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canada goose clearance sale I think your point canada goose outlet about Yi doing shyvana job canada goose outlet trillium parka black better (in terms of clear and dueling) and about Graves being tankier for no reason are really good points. Shyvana no longer has anything that canada goose jacket outlet makes her unique as a champion other than turning canada goose jacket outlet toronto into a dragon. canada goose outlet toronto I honestly not sure the direction they should go with her though, Elise and Nid already fulfill the transformation/multiple form junglers, albeit in different team roles. Maybe Shyvana could move into that territory as an AD scaling champ, she would need a considerable rework though. canada goose clearance sale

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Canada Goose Parka The idea mentioned by Falsus of giving her the tools to be flexed top is interesting to me, I just don know what could be done without entirely reworking her and losing her identity. Canada Goose Parka

cheap Canada Goose It be kind of interesting to give her a Rengar like mechanic, where you could spend portions of the fury bar pre 6 to empower a single «dragon» cast of one ability. For instance, trading and then using 50 percent of the fury canada goose outlet paypal bar to make E strike canada goose outlet in chicago in the AOE fireball as it does in ultimate form. And then perhaps after slaying Elder, one ability could be permanently empowered for the rest of the game (in both dragon and human form). cheap Canada Goose

The main problem imo is that Shyvana canada goose outlet store quebec wants conqueror/resolve in this meta, but doesn have the tools to trade or survive in a lane.

canada goose In what way am I strawmanning your argument? You literally said winrate is absolute. That statement solidifies Singed jungle as canada goose outlet us a strong champion, even though I don think either of us believe that. He has a 50 winrate, so according to your rule, he is actually unable to be a bad champion. canada goose

Canada Goose Jackets Unless canada goose factory outlet toronto location of course, you think that sample size, individual player skill, and random probability just might affect winrate. And in that case, winrate wouldn be the only determinant of whether or not a champion is decent. Canada Goose Jackets

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It perfectly fine to run a bruiser botlane. Provided you can ACTUALLY PLAY THE BRUISER. The ranked stats are bad, precisely canada goose outlet shop because ADC mains think they can automagically learn how to play Irelia canada goose kensington parka uk in 3 games.

canada goose deals If you play a new champ in ranked, you be doing it in a very suboptimal way. The reason QT isn having it work is precisely because hes playing at a very high level that his ADC skills took him to. Playing a bruiser, he does it, fairly often, but it just isn as good as his eriacta. adcing. canada goose deals

Likewise, support mains are often not sure how to play the lane, when to engage and when not to. If you have a cautious Janna main, you are likely to find the bruiser pick scaling, even with the best of skill on behalf of the bruiser.

Currently, bruiser bot is for canada goose outlet online people who are canada goose outlet toronto location duo, and both know how to play the lane. For those people it will likely have an above canada goose outlet uk 50 winrate.

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