Steel sued last month, saying the Michigan Department of

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U.S. Steel is suing the state of Michigan over an effort to curb Detroit-area air pollution.Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel sued last month high quality replica hermes writtleholdings , saying the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality illegally enacted a rule in June that calls for the company to submit a plan for meeting sulfur dioxide compliance standards, The Detroit News reported.The DEQ plans to defend the rule in the Michigan Court of Claims.A 2010 federal review found sulfur dioxide levels to be above federal standards and spurred state action to scale back area emissions. The DEQ said four other companies in addition to U.S. Steel voluntarily agreed to cut emissions, but U.S. Steel didn’t comply.U.S. Steel has said that the DEQ rejected company offers to reduce emissions and the rule would increase pollution. Related LinksDetroit mayor threatens lawsuit if Marathon refinery gets permit to increase emissionsMichigan DEQ faces another dilemma with Marathon refineryProposed Michigan rule would reduce Detroit sulfur dioxide pollutionMichigan approves air permits for Marathon’s Detroit refineryEPA: Marathon to cut air pollution from Detroit refineryState to monitor air quality in Detroit neighborhood near oil refinery, heavy industryDeal may settle suit filed by Michigan, others against U.S. Steel

U.S. Steel sues over Michigan rule to curb air pollution

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