The requirement goes into effect in one to two weeks

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Medical Marijuana Caregiver Centers in Detroit soon will have to fork over nearly $4,000 annually to the city for fees associated with a business license and an inspection.The requirement goes into effect in one to two weeks, according to Detroit City Councilman James Tates office.The Detroit City Council authorized the fees at a formal session earlier this week. Before this, medical marijuana dispensaries were not required to pay fees.The application fee for a business to secure a license is $1 replica hermes ,470; the inspection fee for the Detroit Health Department is $2,276.Meanwhile, a zoning ordinance, which was approved by theDetroit City Councillast December, requires that Detroit medical marijuana dispensaries submit bids to operate in the city by March 31.The number of bids submitted to the city as of Friday is 132.The ordinance dictates that dispensaries operate in designated zones such as 1,000 feet from Drug Free Zones, including arcades, child care centers, educational institutions, libraries, outdoor recreation facilities, schools and youth activity centers; 1,000 feet from other medical marijuana caregiver centers; and 1,000 feet from a controlled use center , a city park and religious institutions. Related Links203 marijuana dispensaries submit bids to operate in DetroitLawsuit challenging Detroit medical marijuana law dismissedRemembering 2016: Medical marijuana expansion and crackdown

Detroit medical marijuana centers face nearly $4,000 in fees

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